• Industry 4.0

    Connect yourself with your products and partners.

  • BIM

    Optimize the exchange of information

    from the first planning until recycling.

  • Workflow Engine

    Control your processes and documents

    to the desired destination.

  • IoT & Digital Twin 

    Request static and dynamic information

    of your products anywhere and anytime.

  • AI & Deep Learning  

    Create additional resources

    through already consisting information.

Digital Product

The central basis to build, operate and work smart & efficient by maintaining control over the entire product lifecycle.


Project cost savings 

All time consistent product information allow an efficient cooperation with all stakeholders.

Product lifecycle expansion

Data based maintenance increases your reliability.

Increase customer loyalty

Sound communication throughout the entire project process strengthens alliances.

Progressive occurence

New solutions generate competitive advantages.

" Contact us now and build your own digital future. "

LIBAL® Sectors

LIBAL® system specialized in the sectors of machine engineering, general plant construction and the construction industry. Virtually all correlations can be depicted through the hierarchically free definable system which makes LIBAL® suitable for any industry.

Keep control over the entire life-cycle of your products with ther digital twins.

Connect your self with your plants and your partners. Increase your efficency and secure their operations.

Integrated solutions enable your complexe  building projects with every information after the BIM standard.

LIBAL® Solutions

LIBAL® solutions opens up and facilitates your everyday work, breaks open new business areas and secures a successful and smooth project progression.

About us:

ILIBAL® is your partner and accompanies the digitalization of your business step by step. Our application-tested solutions simplify your everyday work while starting off new client areas. Connect with your partners and products for a digital future.

What we do:

  • The Digital Product/ Digital Twin

    The digital portrayal of the product is the central LIBAL® basis for smart and efficient product development and planning, including the subsequent establishment.

  • Across the entire product life cycle

    Expand your connections with your digital product towards cross-company product value chains, from rough sketch to design, manufacturing, organization and recycling.

  • Complex documentation tasks

    Via LIBAL®,  document streams including meta data, can be depicted and automated throughout the entire project process. Shift the burden of documentary provision to more shoulders through clearly defined processes and concentrate on your core tasks.